FLS110 is ideal for adding accurate, reliable and cost-effective flow sensing into multiple consumer and industrial products.

Industrial piping final

Detecting pipe blockages in industrial systems

The FLS110 is ideal for use in industrial and commercial equipment because of its exceptional reliability and drift-free performance. Whenever flow is a critical metric in determining the correct operation of products and systems, the FLS110 is a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Because Flusso’s new flow sensor has no moving parts it is intrinsically drift-free, and offers long lifetimes compared with alternative membrane-based pressure sensors.

It guarantees high repeatability from measurement to measurement, and its small form factor means one or multiple sensors can be easily integrated into handheld devices, small modules or sub-assemblies.

Applications: Gas detectors — Personal monitors — Air pump monitoring

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Maintaining peak performance in consumer appliances

All of us expect our household appliances to perform like new, even after years of extensive use, often with little or no maintenance. But vacuum cleaners lose suction as their motors deteriorate, filters clog up, or fans in air-conditioning units start to wear out.

Currently, pressure sensors and fan/pump set points are used to infer flow. But pressure sensors are limited in their ability to reliably report flow because of their sensitivity to external pressure, relative humidity and temperature, and a tendency to drift.

The FLS110 is a cost-effective way to measure flow directly. It can be used to add new features, such as maintenance alerts, and to make your product more sustainable by making it work better for longer.

Applications: Vacuum cleaners — Air conditioning units — Air purifiers

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Smart air management for smart buildings

Indoor air quality – at work, at home and in other indoor spaces – has never been more important than it is today. Smart air management requires air flow sensing. And gathering more detailed data from more positions need multiple and ever smaller sensors.

A flow sensor can help identify when filters are torn, blocked or so full they are ineffective: leading to on-demand maintenance alerts and significantly reducing the cost and disruption to users from having routine servicing checks.

The FLS110 is the optimum flow sensing solution for these high-value systems. It’s small, low cost, inexpensive to integrate, and ideal for sensor networks across an entire smart home or smart office.

Applications: Air purifiers — Smart buildings

Flow meter final

Smarter and better home healthcare products

Smart inhalers are increasingly being used to help patients with chronic lung conditions, such as COPD or asthma, to regularly monitor their condition at home.

Reliable sensing technology is essential but only the FLS110 can deliver on all the application requirements. It can record a full breath profile – from very low to very high flows – with fast response times, and it fits into any handheld device without compromising performance.

This level of detail is just not available with any other low-cost technology. High-end spirometers used within hospitals depend on ultrasonic flow sensors but are too large and expensive for routine homecare use. Whereas some smart inhalers already use pressure sensors. But they cannot reliably report the full flow profile and only indicate if the inhaler has been used, not necessarily correctly.

Applications: Peak flow meters — Smart inhalers — Sport performance trainers

Flusso offers a complete digital flow sensing solution: to seamlessly integrate hardware and software with mechanical and fluidic components.

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