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This Flusso applications room contains all our key technical documents, presentations and other materials for air purification and related products.

Indoor air quality has never been more important for all of us.

The FLS110 mass flow sensor is ideal for adding flow measurement into air purification products: it improves the accuracy of VOC, particulate and other IAQ sensors; eliminates the need for air sampling fans; and enables active filter monitoring.

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The FLS110 is ideal for adding accurate flow measurement features into air purifiers. It can be easily integrated into an existing flow path and with minimal impact on product designs because of its size.

Air purification applications (19 mins)

In this on-demand webinar Chris Rosser talks about the benefits of using the FLS110 to add accurate flow measurement into air purification products with minimal additional system cost. He highlights the impact on energy-consumption, product performance and adding new features such as active filter monitoring.


Product demonstration (4 mins)

This video shows the FLS110 being used to actively measure and monitor mass flow through an air purifier. We show how a simple 3D printed flow fixture is used to generate the required pressure drop, before then retrofitting it into an existing product.


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