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This Flusso applications room contains key technical documents, presentations and other materials for pneumatic air and automation applications.

Compressed air is the most expensive energy source in any manufacturing plant. And as energy costs soar, manufacturers are under growing pressure to identify and locate leaks as soon as they occur. But the problem is most existing mass flow meters are just too expensive for widescale deployment.

The FLS110 mass flow sensor offers a breakthrough approach for this sector. Because it's so small and low cost it can be deployed in every valve and flow controller throughout the system.

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The FLS110 is small enough to be integrated into virtually every valve and flow controller.

It can provide unparalleled detail on real-time air consumption. Helping to identify leaks, save energy and boost manufacturing efficiencies.

Jason Kerr, from Flusso's global business development team, talks about the cost, energy-efficiency and productivity benefits of using Flusso's flow sensing technology to enable smarter pneumatics.

He also explains why traditional flow sensors just cannot be used in this application.


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