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Application notes

This section lists all the application notes currently available from Flusso. Please check back regularly as new documents are being added regularly.

  • Application Note - Indoor Air Quality

    This application note explains the benefits of using the FLS110 to add flow measurement features into air purifiers. Benefits include: improved accuracy of VOC and other IAQ sensors; eliminating the need for air sampling fans; and active filter monitoring.

  • Application Note - Consumer Appliances Floor Care

    This application note explains the benefits of using the FLS110 mass flow sensor in cordless and robotic vacuum cleaner applications. Benefits include improved cleaning performance and longer battery life.

  • Application Note - Pneumatics and Automation

    This application note explains the cost and performance benefits of using the FLS110 to add flow sensing into pneumatic valves and controllers. Its low cost means the FLS110 can be deployed widely to provide unparalleled monitoring of air consumption and leak detection.

  • Application Note - Smart Healthcare

    This application note discusses why the FLS110 is ideally suited for integrating flow measurement into the smallest battery-powered smart health products. Target applications include smart inhalers and peak flow meters.

  • Application Note - HVAC Testing and Instrumentation

    This application note discusses the challenges field service engineers face when conducting routine testing and maintenance of HVAC systems and how Flusso can help address these issues.