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Tutorial videos

These product demonstrations have been designed to show just how easy it is to integrate Flusso flow sensors into flow paths for different applications. Please get in touch if you'd like us to add any other specific applications.

Evaluating the FLS122 air velocity sensor

In this video Chris talks us through the various components within the FLS122 air velocity sensor evaluation kit, then connecting and configuring them to measure flow velocity, temperature and pressure within your application.


Active filter monitoring (3:48)

This demonstration video shows the FLS110 being used to actively measure and monitor mass flow through an air purifier. We show how a simple 3D printed flow fixture can be used to generate the required pressure drop, before then retrofitting it into an existing product.


Measuring and logging flow data (11:54)

In this video Chris talks through how to set up and use Flusso's FLS110 evaluation kit to measure and log temperature and flow data for your system. He talks through the required fluidic and electrical connections, using the GUI, and adjusting the settings to calibrate the sensor for your application.


Airspeed measurement for drones (5:39)

This video shows how to make the required connections between a pitot tube, the FLS110 sensor module, a specially-designed flow fixture and the drone's flight controller. The FLS110 can then be used to provide accurate, temperature and pressure-compensated airspeed measurement.


Improving product performance (4:34)

This video shows the FLS110 being used to measure mass flow in a battery-operated vacuum cleaner. As a result, the FLS110 can be used to automatically adjust the motor's power to improve cleaning performance across different surfaces, as well as extending battery life.


Smarter medical devices (2:35)

This video shows the FLS110 flow sensor being used in a smart asthma inhaler to reliably measure a patient's full breath profile and to confirm they're using the device correctly. Other use cases include: peak flow meters, oxygen concentrators and breathalysers.


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