FSE122 930x400


FSE-122 Sensor Electronics Modules

Designed for thermal management and filter monitoring applications. Easy to integrate into even the most space-constrained designs.

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The FSE-122 Sensor Electronics Modules use Flusso’s proprietary MEMS-based sensor technology for gas velocity and temperature measurements.

A peripheral measurements option or axial measurements option is provided depending on the chosen sensor electronics module design.

The optimal functionality and sensing performance of the FSE-122 modules are achieved through the combination of the advanced FLS122 sensor, Flusso's firmware, and reference electronics design.

Designed with a small footprint, these modules can be easily integrated into final products. Flusso also provides comprehensive support for integration, when additional customisation is required for specific applications.

Applications : Industrial – HVAC – Drone


  • Silicon-MEMS Sensor measurements.
  • Reference electronics design with hosted Flusso firmware.
  • Fully temperature-compensated readings.
  • SDK available to modify the application layer and make use of spare microcontroller resources.
  • 10-pin host interface connections with I2C interface.
  • Fully compatible with Flusso’s GUI for quick evaluation.
  • Small board footprint.


  • Peripheral or axial measurements directly into your gas stream.
  • Proprietary MEMS-based technology.
  • Reference electronics for optimal sensing functionality.
  • Application-specific custom calibration available.
  • Comprehensive support from Flusso.
  • FLS122 Bidirectional Velocity Sensor
Flusso Evaluation Kit top down 2

Replace: Evaluation kit

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Replace: Our plug and play evaluation kit contains everything you’ll need to test the new FLS110 flow sensor within your application. It plugs directly into your flow system using push-fit connectors and into your PC to view and record sensor data.

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Replace: Flusso offers a complete digital flow sensing solution: to seamlessly integrate hardware and software with mechanical and fluidic components.

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